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Upcoming IAFF Motorcycle Group Events and Activities

As stipulated in the IAFF-MG Constitution and By-laws, each IAFF-MG District must hold at least two events annually. IAFF-MG District Coordinators can list upcoming events and activities on the IAFF-MG web site. Email your event information to  Michael J. Crouse.


District 04 - Captain Bob Gallardy Memorial Ride
Sep 29, 2013

District 10 - IAFFMG NM Chapter's Fall Ride
Sep 23, 2013

District 09 - 2013 Bordello Run
Sep 18, 2013

District 09 - 2013 Reno Street Vibrations Fall Rally
Sep 18, 2013

District 09 - Las Vegas Bikefest 2013
Sep 18, 2013

District 08 - Springfield War Memorial Ride - Operation Santa
Sep 16, 2013

District 04 - 1st Annual Fire Chief's Rid e in Honor of Chief Tom Carr
Sep 06, 2013

District 03 - IAFFMG VT Chapter - Gene Mcdonough Memorial Ride
Aug 26, 2013

10th District ~ IAFF Fallen Fire Fighters 2013
Aug 20, 2013

District[s] 1, 3 and 16 - 13th Annual CT United Ride - Reminder!
Aug 13, 2013

District 04 - IAFFMG PA Chapter Ride for Breast Cancer
Aug 13, 2013

District[s] 4 and 16 - Siller WTC Escort Ride
Aug 05, 2013

District[s] 4 and 16 - Siller WTC Escort Ride
Aug 05, 2013

District 06 and 07 - Union Ride & Charity Rally
Jul 31, 2013

IAFF-MG 2013 National Rally Event Schedule
Jul 16, 2013

District 04 - Foundation 58 Poker Run/Ride
Jun 19, 2013

District 07 - NW Firefighter Bike Rally
Jun 17, 2013

District 07 - MDA Camp Motorcycle Night
Jun 12, 2013

District 04 - BFD Cancer Awareness Benefit Ride
Jun 05, 2013

District 04 - IAFFMG PA Chapter Ride for Breast Cancer Research
Jun 05, 2013

District 02 - Awesome Bike Nights 2013
May 21, 2013

District 07- 2013 Patriot Ride
May 14, 2013

District 03 - Ridin for Babies
May 08, 2013

District 11 - Bikers Against Breast Cancer
May 06, 2013

District 03 - Sgt Johnsey/Betters Memorial Ride
May 06, 2013

District 03 - 2013 Chumley's Ride
May 06, 2013

District 10 - 67th Annual Green Horn Road Tour
May 06, 2013

District 04 - The Breastest Ride Ever?
May 06, 2013

District 06 - Vancouver Firefighters Bikers for Burns Ride 2013
Apr 08, 2013

District 06 - IAFFMG BC Burn Camp Ride
Apr 06, 2013

District 14 - Arkansas Children's Burn Center Poker Run
Mar 18, 2013

District 07's 2013 Ride to Sturgis
Mar 14, 2013

District 9 - Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet
Feb 24, 2013

District 09 - 2013 Bordello Thunder Run
Feb 13, 2013

District 12 - 2013 Delray Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade
Feb 05, 2013

District 09 - SIA Ride for Education
Jan 31, 2013

District 10 - East Valley Firefighters Poker Run
Jan 31, 2013

District 04 - Johnstown Thunder in the Valley Bike Rally
Jan 31, 2013

District 04 - 2013 Delmarva Bike Week
Jan 31, 2013

District 09 - Black Patch Poker Run
Jan 31, 2013

District 12 - 2013 Leesburg Bikefest
Jan 07, 2013

IAFF-MG Joins "Wreaths Across America Ride" 2012
Dec 09, 2012

District 10 ~ Lake Havasu City AZ ~ DonnyD Memorial Ride
Oct 29, 2012
Lake Havasu City AZ ~ DonnyD Memorial Ride  FIRST PRIZE FOR POKER RUN- $700.00 WEEKEND AT THE NAUTICAL!!! ROOM, GOLF, WATER SPORTS AND BOAT RENTAL. Get your room and pre register now it's only 3 weeks away!!!!!!!!  Register Now! Go to the Online Store and Register.
District 03 - Professional Fire Fighters of Maine - Public Safety Awareness Motorcycle Ride with Governor Angus King
Oct 04, 2012

District[s] 4 & 16 - 1st Annual Benefit Ride and Poker Run for KJ
Sep 30, 2012

District 01 - MDA Chili Cook-Off
Sep 27, 2012

District 10 - 29th Annual Love Ride
Sep 27, 2012

District 04 - 8th Annual Fallen Officer Memorial Ride [Blue Knights]
Sep 20, 2012

District 01 - 1st Annual John B Umbro Memorial Bike Ride
Sep 20, 2012

District 09 - Las Vegas Bikefest
Sep 20, 2012

District 09 - Street Vibrations Fall Rally Reno NV
Sep 20, 2012

District 09 - Fall Bordello Run
Sep 20, 2012

District 07 - Patriot Ride
Aug 10, 2012

IAFF-MG Rally Concert with .38 Special
Jul 28, 2012

District 03 - Fire & Iron Station 28 1st Annual Fallen Brother's Ride
Jul 28, 2012

IAFF-MG National Rally Poker Run
Jul 28, 2012

District 08 - 6th Annual Ride for Great Lakes Burn Camp
Jul 27, 2012

District 09 - Thunder on the Mountain
Jul 16, 2012

Motorcycle Events
Jul 10, 2012

District 03 ~ Fight Fire with Firefighters 6th Annual MDA Poker Run
Jul 03, 2012

District 03 - Sarah's Ride III
Jun 25, 2012
Click Here for Ride Information.
Download: SARAH'S RIDE 2012PSA.mp3

District 07 - MDA Summer Camp Motorcycle Night!
Jun 25, 2012

District 03 - Project New Hope Benefit Ride
Jun 13, 2012

District 07 - WSCFF 2012 Benevolent Run
Jun 13, 2012

District 03 - Red Knights Chapter 5 Poker Run
Jun 06, 2012

District 03 Events/Rides Sponsored by the IAFFMG NH Chapter
May 30, 2012
Chumley's Ride, June 2 Rain or shine. Ride begins and ends at Newington Fire Dept., 80 Fox Point Rd. Registration 0830-0945, kick stands up at 1000. $25 per bike with rider, $10 additional for passenger. If it rains to hard to ride there will still be a cook out and music.
District 10 - LAFD Fire Hogs - Fallen Heros Memorial Run
May 29, 2012

District 08 - 2012 Ohio Bike Week
May 21, 2012

District 09 - 2012 Elko Jamboree
May 21, 2012

District 03 - NH Heroes Charity Motorcycle Ride
May 18, 2012

District 03 - 24th Annual South Shore Poker Run
May 09, 2012

District 09 - Greeley Fire Fighters 2012 Poker Run
May 09, 2012

District 08 - 4th Annual Youngstown Fallen Firefighters Memorial Bike Run
May 07, 2012

District 02 - Ride for Pride Poker Run
May 01, 2012

District 04 - Relay for Life
Apr 19, 2012

District 10 - Firefighter Chili Cook-Off Morgan Hill CA
Apr 16, 2012

District 04 - 2012 MDA's Ride For Life
Apr 04, 2012

District 03 - IAFF Local 2568's 3rd Annual Motorcycle Run & BBQ
Mar 29, 2012

District 10 - 9th Annual Poker Run
Mar 28, 2012

District 03 - Local 1326 Poker Run & Picnic
Mar 26, 2012

District 03 - Dream Ride
Mar 15, 2012

District 07 - Anything on Wheels Fun Run
Mar 03, 2012

District 09 - Bordello Thunder Run
Feb 24, 2012

District 02 - Awesome Biker Nights
Feb 11, 2012

2012 Motorcycle Rally Dates
Nov 19, 2011

District 09- MC Escorts for American Vets Memorial Traveling Wall
Oct 22, 2011

IAFF-MG 2012 National Rally Location & Dates
Oct 19, 2011

District 09 - 4th Annual Fallen Firefighters Motorcycle Poker Run
Oct 17, 2011

District 09- Las Vegas Bikefest
Sep 21, 2011

District 01 - 4th Annual Sal Dattilo Memorial Ride
Sep 18, 2011

District 12 - Charlotte Firefighters 6th Annual Poker Run
Aug 14, 2011

District 03 - Moose Charity Poker Run
Aug 14, 2011

District 01 - Bikers for Babies [March of Dimes]
Aug 10, 2011

District 05 - National Rally Schedule & Route Update
Aug 08, 2011

District 04 - Captain Bob Gallardy Memorial Poker Run
Aug 04, 2011

District 10 - Southern California 9/11 Rally Route
Jul 29, 2011

District 04 - Hogs and Heroes Bike/Car Show & Poker Run
Jul 28, 2011

District 08 - 4th Annual John Dyer Memorial Ride
Jul 28, 2011

9th and 10th District Public Safety Laughlin River Bash
Jul 21, 2011

District 03 - Amherest Fire Fighters Local 1764's 5th Annual Poker Run
Jul 16, 2011

District 04 - 6th Annual 58 Miles for Our Cause Poker Run
Jul 08, 2011

District 07 - Police and Firefighters Appreciation Day
Jul 05, 2011

IAFF-MG 5th National Rally Information
Jun 30, 2011

District 03 -World Memorial American Flag Tour/Escort
Jun 17, 2011

District 03 ~ Granite State Ride ~ Register Now!
Jun 01, 2011

District 03 - Fire to the Sky Ride
Jun 01, 2011

District 01~ Locals 288 & 1333 - Ride to Benefit the National Kidney Foundation
May 20, 2011

District 9 and 10 ~ 2nd Annual Firefighters River Ride ~ Laughlin, NV
Apr 25, 2011

10th District ~ 4th Annual Bobby Cournoyer Firefighter Ride for Leukemia
Apr 25, 2011
District 08 - 2011 Firefighters Burn Run/Rodeo
Apr 25, 2011

District 12 - Ride For a Hero
Apr 19, 2011

District 13 - Ride for Darrell [Update]
Apr 16, 2011

District 08 - Ride For Boo [Fallen Axes Run]
Apr 16, 2011

District 04 - Hogs and Heroes Poker Run
Apr 15, 2011

District 08 - 11th Annual Andy Ross Charity Motorcycle Ride
Apr 12, 2011

District 15 - 2nd Annual Ride to Laconia
Apr 09, 2011

District 15 ~ Ride for Dad
Apr 09, 2011

District [03] - Ride for A Cure for Breast Cancer!
Apr 09, 2011

District[s] 01, 04 & 16 - MDA Ride For Life 24
Apr 06, 2011

District 04 - Prince George's - 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb
Apr 04, 2011

District 03 - Team Emma's Enchantment-Granite State Ride
Mar 30, 2011

District 03 - Chumley's Ride
Mar 28, 2011

District 02 - Local 103 Firefighter's Memorial Ride
Mar 28, 2011

District 08 - Bourbon Distillery Ride
Mar 23, 2011

District 3 ~ Sarah's Ride II
Aug 04, 2010

District 14 - IAFFMG AR Chapter's 2013 Poker Run
May 06, 2013

District 05 - Wisconsin Dells Ride
Aug 08, 2011

District 03 - Sarah's Ride II
Jul 14, 2011

District 03 - 10th Annual Dream Ride
Jun 22, 2011
District 09 - Thunder on the Mountain Rally
Jun 22, 2011

District 09 - Greeley Firefighters Poker Run
May 23, 2011

10th District ~ New Mexico Ride ~ April 20th
Apr 09, 2011

District 4 ~ 3rd Annual Dan Miller/MDA Memorial Ride
Mar 15, 2011

District 9 - Save the Boobs Poker Run
Mar 11, 2011

District 9 ~ Firefighter Poker Run for Utah Burn Camp
Mar 11, 2011

District 1 - Ride for Faz Poker Run
Mar 07, 2011

District 9 ~ 7th Annual Bordello Thunder Run
Jan 31, 2011

District 09 - Zion HD Chilly Willy Run
Jan 31, 2011

District 7 ~ 2011 Benevolent Fund Motorcycle Ride
Jan 27, 2011

District 13 - Ride for Darrell
Jan 24, 2011

District 7 ~ Ride to OCC Live
Oct 05, 2010

District 3 ~ Bikers for Shriners [New Date]
Sep 22, 2010

District 2 ~ Pre "Rat Run"
Sep 16, 2010

9th District ~ Laughlin Bash
Sep 14, 2010

District 2 ~ Waterloo Local 66 Fall Bike Ride
Sep 07, 2010

District 16 ~ Ft Meade Fire Fighters Motorcycle Ride
Sep 07, 2010

District 8 - Mo-Hawk Less Cancer Poker Run
Aug 25, 2010

District 3 ~ 2nd Annual Bud Run
Aug 17, 2010

District 3 ~ Ride for the Cure
Aug 09, 2010

District 9 ~ IAFF Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial Ride
Aug 09, 2010
We are just about 5 weeks away from this years trip to Colorado Springs.  We will be leaving Vegas on September 5th from the Iron Skillet near the speedway at approximately 7am.  Our first stop will be in Lyman, Wyoming on the 5th.  On September 6th we will be in Jackson, Wyoming.  On the 7th we will be going through Yellowstone NP and continuing on to Red Lodge, Montana.  On the 8th, we are staying in Rawlins, Wyoming.  September 9th, we will be arriving in Colorado Springs, CO.  Then on September 12, we will be making our way back to Vegas with a stop in Green River UT.  If you have any questions, let me know. 
Ride safe and see you there
Dale Van Horn
9th District Event Coordinator
Local 1908

District 12 ~ Remembering 9/11 ~ 5th Annual Poker Run
Aug 05, 2010

District 9 ~ The Veterans Rally
Aug 04, 2010

District 3 ~ Sarah's Ride
Aug 02, 2010

District 12 ~ Bridging the Bay Motorcycle Ride
Jul 21, 2010

District 5 ~ Rides for July & August 2010
Jul 18, 2010
The 5th District will be having the following rides:
July 25th, 2010:  We will be departing from the Shell station at I-94 & HWY 20 in Racine County (WI) at 0830 for a day long ride up through the Wisconsin Dells.  We will be returning around 1930.
August 6-13, 2010:  We will be riding out to Sturgis, SD for the 70th annual rally.  We will be spending the night of the 6th at the Super 8 in Mitchell, SD where we will have a Hospitality Room for all IAFF-MG members & guests.  The 7th through the 12th we will be staying at the Rush-No-More Campground just outside of Sturgis.  We will have a Hospitality area for IAFF-MG members and guests.  The night of the 12th we will be staying somewhere in Minnesota. 
Please e-mail me if you plan on joining us so I can plan accordingly. 
Cell: 262-497-8334

District 3 ~ Ink Jam Bike Run & Cookout
Jul 09, 2010

District 14 ~ Southern Thunder Rally
Jul 08, 2010

District 9 - Thunder on the Mountain Motorcycle Rally
Jul 01, 2010

50th IAFF Convention Motorcycle Ride
Jul 01, 2010

District 8 - Canton Local 249 MDA Poker Run
Jun 30, 2010

District 4 ~ 5th Annual 58 Mike MC Poker Run
Jun 21, 2010

District 8 ~ Wild Fire HD MDA Ride
Jun 21, 2010

District 8 ~ 2010 Miracle Ride
Jun 21, 2010

1st District ~ Longest Day Ride
Jun 19, 2010

District 2 ~ Four State Ride
Jun 07, 2010

IAFF-MG Rally Event Schedule
Jun 01, 2010

District 4 ~ 2010 Foundation 58 Motorcycle Ride
May 31, 2010

District 4 ~ Hogs & Heroes Poker Run
May 20, 2010

IAFF-MG National Rally District Ride Routes
May 19, 2010

District 11 ~ 2010 Buddy Mass Freedom Ride
May 18, 2010

District 7 ~ 2010 Ride for the Fallen
May 14, 2010

National Event/Ride Calendar
May 13, 2010

District 1 ~ Annual Motorcycle Run to Benefit Niagara Falls Fire Dept Christmas Toyfund
May 12, 2010

District 6th ~ 2010 Rides
May 07, 2010

District 4 ~ FFM Ride September 2010
May 06, 2010

District 4 ~ Snowshoe Run
May 06, 2010

District 8 ~ Spring Ride for Easter Seals
May 06, 2010

District 15 ~ Ride for Dad
May 06, 2010

District 11 ~ Kelly Crush Benefit Ride
May 05, 2010

District 3 ~2010 CT United Ride
May 05, 2010

District 9 ~ Laughlin Public Safety MC Bash
May 05, 2010

District 4 ~ 2nd Annual Dan Miller Ride
May 05, 2010

District 7 ~ Benevolent Fund Motorcycle Ride
May 01, 2010

District 3 ~ Marshfield FFs 1st Annual Charity Ride
Apr 29, 2010

7th Annual Mesa Arizona Local 2260 Poker Run
Mar 27, 2010

District 4 ~ Fallen Firefighters Survivors Foundation Poker Run
Mar 04, 2010

District 3 ~ 4th Annual Amherst Firefighters Poker Run
Feb 12, 2010

District 9 ~ Firefighters Hot Times Kool Cars Charity Auto Show
Feb 08, 2010

District 9 ~ 6th Annual Bordello Thunder Run
Feb 08, 2010

District 2 ~ Newton Fire Fighters 2010 Fun Run
Jan 31, 2010

District 7 ~ NW Firefighter Bike Rally
Jan 30, 2010

District 15 ~ Ride to Laconia Bike Week
Jan 28, 2010

June 14th ~ 19th, 2010

A ride from Halifax Nova Scotia to Laconia NH. On day one we will be traveling from Nova Scotia through New Brunswick (moncton and Saint john) through Calais and down to Bangor. The next day we will be heading to NH and Laconia. We will be staying at sun valley cottages (Lodge) near Weirs beach 686 ENDICOTT STREET NORTH. I believe the return home should be in reverse. (but who knows, biker rules?)

Contact Matt Parker, IAFF-MG District Coordinator for additional information about the Laconia Bike Week Ride.

District 4 ~ Medical Trauma Teddy Bear Run
Jan 23, 2010

District 8 ~ Andy Ross Charity Ride 2010
Jan 22, 2010

District 11 ~ Spring Ride
Jan 18, 2010
IAFF-MG Spring Ride
When:  April 30, May 1 and 2, 2010
Where:  Ennis, Texas (Bluebonnet Capitol of Texas)
Hotel:  Holiday Inn Express
           601 North Sonoma
           Ennis, Texas 75119
            $59.00 Standard room rate - tell them you are with the Fire Fighters
Host Local:  Ennis, Texas L3320, President Brian Emlet
This is going to be a great ride so make your reservations now! 

IAFF-MG 2010 National Rally Information
Jan 12, 2010

2010 Major Bike Rally List
Jan 12, 2010

District 15 ~ 2010 Atlanticade Motorcycle Festival
Jan 11, 2010
ST. ANDREWS, N.B. - The Atlanticade Motorcycle Festival is going coastal in 2010. The 4th annual event will be held in this quaint seaside town from June 30th to July 4th after being hosted in Moncton for the past three years.
Atlanticade chairman Dale Hicks of Moncton says the move was based on a number of factors and credits town officials with being very determined in their efforts to bring the festival to this tourism focused town. “We were approached by town representatives back in the summer once the Bon Jovi concert was announced in Moncton and the resulting challenges that presented our event in terms of hotel accommodations” says Hicks. “We didn't take their initial overtures very seriously but they were persistent and once we sat down to see what they could offer it very quickly became evident to our committee that the whole community was behind the effort to host the event for 2010 and beyond. In the end they basically presented us with an offer we couldn't overlook”.
In fact Hicks says that several communities had expressed their desire to host the event which has drawn 5,000 participants the past two years and generates an economic spin-off in the $3 million dollar range. “We had representatives from other municipalities contact us to see if we were willing to move the event but St. Andrews was the first group we actually sat down with. It became clear they were very engaged and willing to work directly with us to make the festival a success” stated the founder of Atlanticade.
Leaving Moncton was not an easy decision but St. Andrews offers some very unique benefits to the festival which the committee believes will be key to the overall success and growth of the event. “The fact everything will be located within a five minute walk, the charm of the downtown, being situated on the water, and having the famous Algonquin Hotel as the headquarters for the festival should make for a welcoming atmosphere for the participants” says committee member Krista Mollins-Jamieson. “The folks at the Algonquin have been very involved in working with town officials to make this happen”.
The entire Charlotte County will see the benefit of the event with motorcycle tours and events planned for St. Stephen, St. George and Black's Harbour. “There are some very scenic and historic areas to visit in this region” added Hicks. “Many participants have never visited this region of the province so they are in for a real treat”.
Hicks was also excited about the prospects of attracting more bikers from the New England States. “Given the proximity to the US border we will are planning more marketing and promotion to our American friends for sure” he added.
Town of St. Andrews Mayor John D. Craig stated that this announcement is great news not only for the Town but for the entire Charlotte County. “At a time when tourism needs help, this event will inject a much needed boost to the local area economy. We are pleased and excited to welcome and host Atlanticade 2010 to both St. Andrews and the Charlotte County”.
Details for the 2010 festival are still be worked out but interested participants can go to for regular updates.

7th District Event ~ 2nd Annual Northwest Firefighter Bike Rally
Oct 30, 2009

District 10 ~ 2nd Annual Local 2974 Memorial Poker Run ~ Reminder
Oct 28, 2009
Reminder ~ The 2nd Annual Local 2974 Memorial Poker Run is scheduled for Saturday October 24th 2009. 

The event will begin in Lake Havasu City at Chuy's Mesquite Broiler 440 El Camino Way and end in Laughlin Nevada at the Colorado Belle. There will be a parking lot / outside party with live music, food, drink specials and a variety of motorcycle rally events. Hotel deals are available through the Hampton Inn Lake Havasu for Fri. 10/23 only $89.00 and Colorado Belle Laughlin for those that pre-register for the event .The Colorado Belle one night packages (Sat 10/24) start at $39 dollars and the two night packages (Fri 10/23 & Sat 10/24) start at $60. Laughlin packages come with two breakfast coupons to either Coco’s or the Paddle Wheel restaurant and 2 complimentary drink tickets. This deal is limited to one room package per registrant. Poker stops along Colorado River and Old Route 66 from Lake Havasu to Laughlin Nevada.  We are going to make this 2nd annual event one you will not want to miss.

SEE BELOW FOR REGISTRATION OPTIONS. All registered poker run guests will revieve an email confirmation and a link to hotel deals. All proceeds go the the Don Danielson Memorial Scholarship Fund. 

Laughlin, the last poker stop, hotel and event is in Nevada. Helemts are required by Nevada State Law. Plan accordingly Poker stop maps will be distributed at sign in the day of the event!!!!

Laughlin Event Sponsored By The Colorado Belle  

Saturday 10/24

1000 – 1200 hrs Registration Chuy’s LHC
1200 hrs DHFD Escort / event start to first poker stop
1130-1400 Desert Hills Fire Station poker stop open
1230-1430 Golden Shores Fire Department poker stop open
1300-1500 Fort Mohave Fire Department poker stop open
1330-1530 Bullhead City Fire Department poker stop open
1400-1445 1st band plays
1445-1530 2nd band plays
1530-1615 3rd band plays
1615 Poker winners announced / presentations
1630-1715 1st band 2nd set food other events
1800-1845 2nd band 2nd set
1930-2015 3rd band 2nd set
All times are approximate. Use the schedule in your registration packet you receive the day of the event.

Dave "DMan" Manning
IAFF-MG District Coordinator [L1505]
(928) 853-1505

12th District ~ Somer Thompson Ride
Oct 28, 2009
Hello, my name is Rebecca Hendrix. I am a member of Jax Bikers in Jacksonville Florida. The dissapearence and murder of an Orange Park Child Somer Thompson has hit our community very hard. Our riding group is putting together a fundraiser motorcycle ride for the Thompson family. Would it be possible to put this out. We are noticing that this has become a national story and we would like to get the nation involved. This is a wonderful family and no mother should ever have to go through this. Thank you for you time and please call me if you have any questions or would like to participate at 904-622-6309.
Our ride is going to start out at Love 2 Ride in Green Cove Springs with kickstands up at 11am. We will continue from there past the Thompson home and on to Buffalos Wings in Orange Park where we will have live bands, all you can eat food of every kind, a bounce house for the kids provided by the fire department who will also be cooking and several other fundraising activities. Cost is $10.00 per person for the ride and all you can eat. 100% of the proceeds will go to the family.
Thanks again,

9th District ~ 9/11 Motorcycle Tribute Parade
Sep 11, 2009

8th District ~ Fallen Soldier Poker Run
Sep 11, 2009

4th District ~ 2009 Hogs and Heros Poker Run
Sep 08, 2009

2nd District ~ SSG. Donald D. Griffith JR Memorial Ride
Sep 08, 2009

2nd District ~ Poker Run for Brandi Klos
Sep 08, 2009

3rd District Rides ~ Reminder
Sep 08, 2009

We have 2 rides next weekend for all members not going to Colorado. 9/12/09 in Maine and 9/13/09 in MA. If anyone Knows of other rides let me know so I can send it out.

Maine: For those of you who are not riding out to Colorado, there is a Home Town Hero's Ride on September 12th.  It is approximately a 2 hour ride the goes from Big moose Harley to the Gorham Fire station.  There is a BBQ lunch provided after the ride at the Gorham Fire Station.  I would love to get as many riders there as possible.  The registration fee is $10 per person and I believe most if not all of that money will be donated to a proceed but i cannot be 100% positive on that.  Registration starts at 8am so I thought we could all meet in the Khol's parking lot off of riverside Street on the Portland, Westbrook Town Line.  There is a Dunkin Donuts there and if we leave from there at 8am for big moose we will be able to ride as a group in the line up.  During the lunch I would love to hear ideas for next years riding season and I will have some thoughts for you as well.  Hope to see you all there and feel free to reply so I know who is coming or just show up. We will leave for Big Moose at 8am

Ride Safe ~ Sheldon  

Massachusetts: I'm Bruce Stone sec. of Local 1904 Acton Ma. We are doing a motorcycle ride 09/13/09 in Maynard MA.  Rod and Gun to benefit the family of Leo Hayes an Acton firefighter who was killed in a car accident last feb. all the info and sign up sheets are on our web site please feel free to call me  978-505-7058 cell .

Ride Safe ~ Bruce

8th District ~ John Dyer Memorial Ride
Aug 05, 2009

4th District ~ Anne Arundel Professional Fire Fighters Burn Foundation Motorcycle Ride
Aug 02, 2009
The Anne Arundel Professional Fire Fighters Burn Foundation will be holding their annual Motorcycle Ride Saturday, August 15th!! 98 Rock is promoting this event. It has been a huge success and a lot of fun. Money goes to help support Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp, the International Association of Fire Fighters Burn Foundation’s International Burn Camp as well as other worthwhile causes.
They are asking that we forward this link to you. If you know anyone who rides a motorcycle please pass this info on to them. This link will take you to a site where you can get all the info on the event and register. If the link does not work when you click on it, copy and paste it into your browser and you should be OK.
Last year we helped with registration. Unfortunately, this year we will still be at Burn Camp. They are asking for assistance with registration early that morning (7:30 to 10:30 AM). If you have a couple of hours to help out please wear a MABC camp shirt (if you have one) and head on over to Cancun Cantina. 
Additionally, all of the Burn Camp counselors will end up at the Cancun Cantina for the after ride festivities.
Thanks for all your support!!
Linda and Tonas
Linda French, PT and Tonas Kalil, PT
Mid-Atlantic Burn Camp
5430 Harris Farm Lane
Clarksville, MD 21029-1000
Phone and FAX 410-531-5942

2009 Veterans Rally
Jul 29, 2009

3rd District ~ Annual Road Hogs For Josh Motorcycle Rally
Jul 20, 2009

Jul 17, 2009

IAFF-MG National Rally Information
Jul 17, 2009

10th District ~ Laughlin Bash Bike Rally
Jul 17, 2009

3rd District ~ 1st Annual Deb Cole Memorial Bike Run
Jul 14, 2009

9th District ~ Thunder on the Mountain Rally
Jul 06, 2009

IAFF-MG National Rally [Registration]
Jun 29, 2009

IAFF-MG National Rally Information [Updated]
Jun 29, 2009

3rd District ~ Cumberland Rescue Service 6th Annual Poker Run for the Muscular Dystrophy Association
Jun 25, 2009
Cumberland Rescue Service 6th Annual Poker Run for the Muscular Dystrophy Association
Sunday August 23, 2009   rain date August 30, 2009

Registration at 9:00am  run to start at 11:00am

Start / Finish

940 Mendon Rd
Cumberland RI 02864

$25.00/ person with a T-shirt (while supply lasts)

Cook out Raffle and prizes to follow

Jim 401-265-3553
John 401-480-9054

8th District ~ Macomb County Fallen Heroes Ride
Jun 11, 2009

5th District ~ 1st Annual Rolling Inferno Run
Jun 09, 2009

16th District [F-281] ~ 2009 MDA Bike Run
Jun 04, 2009

3rd District ~ Amherst Poker Run
May 18, 2009

10th District Route(s) to Colorado Springs
May 16, 2009


OK all you fine folks out there in the 10th District, it’s time to plan your ride to Colorado Springs for the 2009 IAFF Motorcycle Group’s Rally and the IAFF Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial.
The Rally is being held over September 16, 17 and 18 and the Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial is on September 19th.
Both events promise to be, in my humble opinion, life altering experiences. If you've never been to the Memorial events that follow in downtown CO Springs prepare to be WOWED! 
For more specific info go to:
As always, herding all the cats in the 10th District into some semblance of order will likely prove to be a bit of a challenge but we continue to try.
For those of you that may be coming from North and Central California we have a large crew of our brothers from the 9th District riding out of Las Vegas on Sept 14 and routing through some seriously awesome parts of southern Utah with over night stops in Page AZ. and Durango CO.
Sept. 14th (0900):                                          
Las Vegas, Nv. To Page, Az. (aprox. 320 mi.)
Meet at Racetrack ext. off of I-15
(Iron Skillet restaurant)
Days Inn Page AZ.
961 N. Hwy 89
Page, Az. 86040
(928) 645-2800
Cost: $91.30 total
Sept. 15th (0900):
Page, Az. To Durango, Co. (aprox. 310 mi.)
Best Western Mountain Shadows
3255 Main ave.
Durango, Co. 81301
(970) 247-5200
Cost: $107.81 total
For all yous guys coming out of Southern CA and all parts of Arizona we invite you to spend the night of Sept 14th in Flagstaff and ride with us to Durango on the 15th where we’ll meet up with the Vegas boys.
If ya’ll ride this way I’ll put together a little shindig for us to meet and greet our brother riders at one of the local eatin’ and drinkin’ spots.

Sept. 14th
Wherever your coming from to Flagstaff AZ
Too many hotels to choose from but here are a few...
Days Inn And Suites Flagstaff East
3601 E. Lockett Rd (1/8 mile to Mike and Rhonda's)
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
$99.40 total. Tell them one of the firefighters that responded to their fire on 5/15 sent you.
Holiday Inn Express
September 15th 0900:
Flagstaff AZ to Durango CO (approx 310 mi.)
Meet in the morning for breakfast at Mike and Rhonda’s “The Place”
3518 E Route 66 (yes THE Route 66)
DURANGO OVERNIGHT (rooms filling fast, several other hotels in area)
Best Western Mountain Shadows
3255 Main ave.
Durango, Co. 81301
1 970 247-5200
Cost: $107.81 total
Sept. 16th (0800):
Durango, Co. to Colorado Springs, Co. (aprox. 400 mi.)
Colorado Springs Marriott (Rally Headquarters)
5580 Tech Center Dr.
Colorado Springs, Co. 80919
(719) 260-1800
Cost: $108.31 total per night
If anyone from California, Arizona, New Mexico or Hawaii have a plan to make this ride drop me a line and I will integrate your info into any future planning.
I would love to have us join up along the route and ride into Co Springs in force.
Ride Safe
Dave Manning
10th District Event Coordinator
(928) 853-1505

4th District ~ 58 Miles for Our Cause Poker Run
May 15, 2009

1st District Ride ~ WNY Professional Firefighters 2009 Ride
May 13, 2009

3rd District Ride ~ Peter Makris Memorial Ride
May 11, 2009

3rd District Ride ~ 2nd Annual MC Run to Benefit Parkinson's
May 10, 2009

3rd District Ride ~ MC Ride to Benefit Brideport Burn Unit
May 10, 2009

1st District ~ 3rd Annual Sal Dattilo Memorial Ride
May 10, 2009

9th District Rides
May 04, 2009

8th District ~ Tiny Adams Ride
Apr 27, 2009

7th District Event ~ MDA Ride for the Cure
Apr 23, 2009

5th District Events for 2009
Apr 18, 2009
June 13, 2009 Wind & Fire MC Burn Camp Run Scenic ride through South Central WI to raise money for Burn Camp. More details to follow. This will be a joint effort between IAFFMG and WFMC.
June 18-20, 2009 Wisconsin State HOG Rally in Appleton, WI
August 24-28 Rapids City, SD Road trip through WI, MN, SD.
I will be in the Rapids City area and across WI, MN & SD if you want to meet up. 
September 16-20, 2009 3rd IAFF-MG Rally     Two groups departing ~ First group will leave Southeastern Wisconsin on September 7th and meet up with the 8th district in Muncie, IN on September 8th. See the 8th district rides for details. Contact Greg Gollner if you would like to join him.

The Second Group will leave Racine, WI on September 14th and ride 300-400 miles. Ride 500 miles on Sept. 15th. Ride 200-300 miles on Sept. 16th and arrive in Colorado Springs. If you want to ride along, please contact Steve Leger We will be staying at the Colorado Springs Marriott, 719-260-1800.

The return route may include a stop in Kansas City to tour the Harley-Davidson Factory. 

If you have any rides planned, let me know and I will post it here. See you on the road. 

Ride Safe--Steve


2nd District ~ Easton Memorial Poker Run
Apr 05, 2009

District 4 ~ Freedom Ride for Dystonia
Mar 22, 2009

May 2nd, 2009 District 4 ~ Freedom Ride for Dystonia :The poker run will start and end at Old Glory Harley-Davidson, 11800 Laurel Bowie Road, Laurel MD 20708. Ride registration will be from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and cost $30. The last bike must be back by 3 p.m. to qualify for the $250 grand prize for the best poker hand. An event will be held after the ride, featuring food, a live band, vendors, door prizes and raffles. The first 100 ride registrants get a free T-shirt, and admission to the event without the ride will cost $20.

This Freedom Ride is a fundraising poker run for the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation -  As you know, Dystonia is the third most common movement disorder, after Parkinson's Disease and essential tremor. It affects 300,000 people in North America alone, one-third of whom are children. It can be highly disabling, but treatment options are limited and vary in effectiveness. Currently, it has no cure.

The ride’s Web site has additionjal information and includes the preregistration or [ Click Here ]  to go directly to pre-register or donate to the cause.

Flyer Attached Here!

If you have any questions and/or need additional information please feel free to contact me directly.

Deborah E. Mack, JD, MLS
Mack Research and Writing

15th District ~ Events & Rides
Mar 22, 2009

2009 Upcoming Rides

1) National Ride for Dad (support for the fight against prostate cancer) on May 30th. Please contact me if you wish to attend. You can get pledge/registration forms [ Click Here ]. This is a fun event that includes a poker run and bbq. More details to follow.

2) Iron Butt Run around the weekend of Set 13 2009. We are organizing an Iron butt ride 1000miles in 24hrs to correspond with the Canadian Fallen Fire fighter Ceremony at Ottawa Canada. We are still planning our route (either 1000 miles there or back) but we are going to do it around the ceremony to be in Ottawa during that weekend. The ride will qualify us for membership in the Iron Butt Association For information about the Canadian Fallen Firefighter Memorial Ceremony [Click Here ].    

We are also looking at the Atlanticade Ride and the Digby Wharf Rat Rally . If you have any questions and/or need additional information please forward an e-mail to nmy attention Matt Parker, IAFF-MG 15th District Event Coordinator.
Ride Safe ~ Matt

1st District ~ 4th Annual Motorcycle Run to Benefit the Niagara Falls Firefighters
Mar 22, 2009
June 7, 2009 IAFF Local 714 sponsors their 4th Annual Motorcycle Run to Benefit the Niagara Falls Firefighters Christmas Toy Fund. This event is sponsored by Hard Rock Cafe and 97 Rock. Registration begins at 10:00am until 11:00am at Bergholz Fire Hall 2470 Niagara Road, Wheatfield, NY. Registration fees are $15.00 per rider and $10.00 per passenger. Free collectible T-shirt and giveaways to all riders and passengers. The 75-100 mile ride through Niagara County will include 1 stop along the way. This run will be a random dice run. 
Join us for the “After Party” at the Porter on the Lake Park in the Town of Porter at 2:00pm. Music TBA. New this year will be a Classic Car Cruise Night. Returning will be the Vendor Area, drinks, food, raffles and music.
The charity is the Niagara Falls Firefighters Christmas Toy Fund. A limited edition charity pin will be for sale at the Hard Rock Café for $12.00 plus tax and proceeds will go to the Christmas Toy fund.
For more information, please contact Dawn at (716) 731-6462 or Risky Sanabria (716) 550-0625

8th District ~ 9th annual Andy Ross Ride
Mar 22, 2009


June 27th, 2009 :At this time the Trenton Firefighters, Local 2701, is preparing for the 9th annual Andy Ross Ride, to take place June 27, 2009. Sponsored by Trenton Firefighters Charities, the Ride is a one day event beginning at Elizabeth Park in Trenton, MI.
Over the past 8 years the Ride has generated over $175,000 which is returned to community in the form of assistance, grants and scholarships. A partial list of the organizations we have helped is listed on our website. It would please me greatly to hang an IAFF banner at Elizabeth Park during our day there. A few of the details are as follows:

Registration is from 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., with the ride starting at Noon sharp. Registration fee is $30 per rider/$55 with passenger before May 24th, afterward it is $40/$65. The Ride is with police escort, with a halfway stop at Milan Dragway for refreshments. The return ride comes back through several of the scenic Huron Metroparks. All participants receive a ride shirt and pin. There will be a delicious dinner when riders return to Elizabeth Park. 

Prior to the ride join staff and riders for a breakfast at Buster's Place, W Jefferson & Vreeland Rd, for $6.00. All proceeds are donated to the Andy Ross. Buster's is also the host for the after-party where riders can reconnect and enjoy the entertainment. For more information call 734.692.4169, email;, or go to to download an entry or sponsor form.

3rd District Ride ~ Maine
Mar 22, 2009

IAFF-MG 3rd NationalRally ~ 16th District [West Coast] Ride Route
Mar 04, 2009

 16th District [West Coast] Ride Route
September 15 - 22, 2009

This route is hard riding but includes quite a few sites to include Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Historical Virginia City, Hegben Lake, Earthquake Lake and Gallatin National Forest.

September 15 - Leave Purdy, WA
Travel Hwy 16 E toward Tacoma to I-5
Take I-5 N toward Seattle to Hwy 18
Take Hwy 18 E toward Bend to I-90
Take I-90 e to Missoula, MT. (498 miles total - all Hwy)
September 16 – Leave Missoula, MT
Take I-90 E to exit 241 (140 Miles)
Take exit 241 toward Pipestone
Make slight rt. at Pipestone Rd
Turn rt. At Hot springs Rd
Turn rt. At MT-2
Sharp Left at MT-41 to Twin Bridges
Take MT-287 from Twin Bridges to Yellowstone National Park
Enter Yellowstone on W Entrance Rd
Take W Entrance Rd to Grand Loop Rd
Take a rt. on Grand Loop Rd (south) to John D Rockefeller Jr. Rd
Take a rt. on John D Rockefeller Jr. Rd and follow through Grand Teton National Park
Once exiting Grand Teton continue on Hwy 287 to Dubois, WY. (433 miles total – 300 + on scenic and back roads)
September 17 – Leave Dubois, WY.
Take Hwy 287 toward Rawlins, WY.
Take I-80 E from Rawlins to Laramie, WY.
Take Hwy 287 to Fort Collins, CO.
Take I-25 S to Colorado Springs CO (494 miles total 230 Hwy and 264 back roads)
September 18/19 attend rally
September 20/21/22 route back to Purdy WA to be determined.

3rd District ~ Ware Fill-the-Boot Ride 2009
Feb 16, 2009

7th District ~ NW Fire Fighters Rally
Feb 10, 2009

4th District Rides 2009 [Updated]
Dec 11, 2008

2009 4th District Rides

The 4th District of the IAFF Motorcycle Group, currently has two rides in the planning stages for 2009. These rides are open to any member of the IAFF and IAFF-MG. 

Also, if your local is sponsoring a Motorcycle in 2009 please e-mail me the information so we can get it posted for other members in teh 4th District. Additional event and ride information will be provided as it becomes available. 

The First Annual Dan Miller Ride [This year around the Great Lakes]

The first ride is scheduled for May 16th through the 24th and will take the group around the Great Lakes. This ride is dedicated to Brother Dan “the Mad Amishman” Miller. Dan was a member of Greenville, PA Local 1976 whose life was tragically taken from us on June 16, 2008 in a motorcycle accident.  

Ride Overview (grab a map and follow along): The ride will depart Frederick, MD and take us up to Detroit and into Canada. Then up the eastern shore of Lake Huron towards Owens Sound, ON, on to Tobermory, ON and aboard a ferry to take us towards Espanola, ON then Sault Ste. Marie. From there we will head west over Lake Superior towards Thunder Bay, ON. Then we will re-enter the States and head towards the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. From there we will travel down the eastern shore of Lake Michigan and then get back on the Interstate and head home.    

This ride is still in the planning stages but here are the hard facts: May 16th thru the 24th; approximately 3,000 miles will be covered in 9 days; the first and last day will be on the Interstate and I hope to cover 500 miles on those days – that means that the remaining days will average 285 miles; only a drivers license and a birth certificate will be required to cross the border until June 1, 2009. A trouble truck and trailer may be provided for the trip.    

If you have any interest in this ride, then e-mail me and make your subject line “Dan Miller Ride”. I will generate regular updates on the ride for any interested parties. 

The IAFF-MG 3rd National Rally in Colorado Springs, CO

This ride is scheduled for September 13th through the 23rd. I am allowing 4 days out and 4 days back with 3 days of riding around Colorado Springs, CO. 

This ride is also in the planning stages. I have made the trip 3 times now and know that if you want to make it there in a timely fashion – then it is going to involve the Interstate System. I will look in to two different routes for the ride out and back. With a large group I will focus on 400+ mile days on the Interstate. A trouble truck and trailer may be provided for the trip.

Ride Route: The 4th District’s Ride to the 3rd Annual IAFF-MG Rally in Beautiful Colorado Springs, CO Any IAFF Member in good standing is welcome to join us for the entire route or you can meet up with us along the way. The ride in a nutshell is, 1715 miles out, and 1652 miles back. Once we arrive in Colorado Springs we will enjoy 3 days riding around the region. The ride starts in Frederick, MD near Interstates 70 & 270.

September 13th - Day 1: 425 miles to Toledo, OH (Maumee, OH)

September 14th - Day 2: 441 miles to Iowa City, IA (Coralville, IA)

September 15th - Day 3: 426 miles to Kearney, NE

September 16th – Day 4: 423 miles to Colorado Springs, Co

September 17th thru 19th – Days 5, 6 & 7: Enjoyed in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

September 20th – Day 8: 412 miles to Salina, KS

September 21st – Day 9: 434 miles to East St. Louis, IL (O’Fallon, IL)

September 22nd – Day 10: 446 miles to Huntington, WV

September 23rd – Day 11: 360 miles to Frederick, MD

Our plan is to have an enclosed 4 bike trailer follow the group to handle any breakdowns that may occur. The group will discuss taking Dress Uniforms in the trailer to be worn in conjunction with the IAFF Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial. Hotel rooms have been blocked out for the entire trip but not in Colorado Springs. If you would like to be included on the e-mail list for the trip and if you would like hotel information, the please contact me at      .   
If you have any interest in this ride, then e-mail me and make you subject line “National Rally”. I will generate regular updates on the ride starting in the spring for any interested parties.   

Jim Beecken, IAFF-MG 4th District Event Coordinator

District 10 ~ 4th Annual Lake Havasu City Firefighters ~ Fallen Firefighter Benefit Poker Run
Aug 23, 2011
Local 2974 4th Annual Fallen Firefighters Motorcycle Poker Run October 22th 2011 Put on by the Lake Havasu Professional Firefighters Association  The 4th Annual Fallen Firefighters Memorial Poker Run will be associated Main Street (McCulloch Blvd) events Thursday October 20th as well as our normal registration on Friday night with the poker run and events Saturday.
10th District ~ 4th Annual Bobby Cournoyer Firefighter Ride for Leukemia
Apr 09, 2011
District 08 - Ride Around Lake Michigan
Mar 23, 2011

2011 Rally ~ District Ride Routes to New York
Jan 10, 2011

Below you will find the ride routes developed and maintained by our IAFF-MG District Event Coordinators for the IAFF-MG's 2011 National Rally - Heroes Across America Ride to Newburgh, NY. Additional ride routes and specific information about these routes will be posted and sent out as they become available. If you are planning on riding to the 2011 National Rally, please contact your District and/or State IAFF-MG Coordinators. 

District           11 [From Baytown, TX] 

District           12

District           13

District           14  

District           15 

District           16 East Coast Route


District 7 ~ Ride to Washington State University [OCC Live]
Oct 05, 2010

IAFFMG 14th District Meeting
Oct 01, 2010

Lake Havasu City Fire Fighters ~ Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial Poker Run
Oct 16, 2009

Win A Trip To Sturgis
May 18, 2009

2009 Major Motorcycle Rallies
Feb 12, 2009

8th District National Rally Route 2009
Nov 21, 2008

Rides to support MDA
Nov 22, 2007

IAFF Motorcycle Group Ready to Roll for MDA

IAFF Motorcycle Group (IAFF-MG) members nationwide continue to are gear up for rides across the country to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. IAFF-MG members are loyal and committed participants in Harley-Davidson-sponsored MDA rides, including the annual Ride for Life, which draws some 2,000 riders to Pennsylvania. The May 2008 Ride for Life raised more than $1 million for MDA.

On the West Coast, IAFF members support MDA’s annual Sierra Hope Ride each June. The event attracts more than 2,500 motorcycle riders and other enthusiasts.

Preparations are currently underway for several motorcycle events benefiting MDA for the 2009 Riding Season. Riders raise funds primarily by soliciting pledges from friends and local businesses. For example, one minute of MDA research generates a pledge of $85. One week at MDA summer camp for a child with neuromuscular disease is worth $650.

MDA rides offer members of the IAFF-MG an ideal venue for fulfilling the IAFF-MG’s two event ride minimum. In addition, the MDA events feature pre-ride festivities and post-event parties that promote fraternalism and community goodwill, and offer a way to make a difference in the lives of those affected by neuromuscular diseases.

For information on Harley Davidson rides benefiting MDA nationwide, click here. This web site is a valuable resource for Harley Davidson and motorcycle enthusiasts, and includes information on dozens of dealership sponsored rides that support MDA. In addition, the site showcases Harley-Davidson owner’s groups, volunteer efforts and how money raised for MDA is used.

The leading producer of motorcycles worldwide, Harley Davidson, is celebrating its 29th year as an MDA national sponsor. Together with the IAFF, Harley-Davidson creates a powerful partnership in support of MDA.

The IAFF is the largest national sponsor of . More than 280,000 IAFF members in the United States and Canada are committed to saving lives – both as fire fighters/paramedics and as advocates for MDA and its efforts to eradicate neuromuscular diseases.

In addition, the IAFF is the biggest sponsor of the MDA Labor Day Telethon, contributing a record-breaking $26.5 million in 2007. To date, IAFF members have donated nearly $350 million to MDA.

Money raised by fire fighters goes towards MDA summer camps, professional and public health education and other programs.

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